We run cultural workshops and classes alongside our artistic logo & design skills 

Aboriginal Services BrochureAboriginal culture with a base of 50,000 years of knowledge and experience has much to offer contemporary society.

We have created a range of products and services which provide an understanding of Aboriginal culture, and how it can apply to personal and business growth.


Events Management

Past clients include;
Aboriginal Events Management clients

Cultural Awareness Presentation

Abilya informs and educates your staff, clients or conference delegates on the essence of Aboriginal culture and how it can be applied within your business and everyday life.

The Cultural Awareness presentation informs your staff and clients in an educational, engaging and entertaining manner. The presentation includes the use of historical facts, artifacts, traditional music and Aboriginal art.

Workshops/Team building

Abilya has a number of workshops which can be implemented with staff and are based on Aboriginal cultural practice.

School Presentations

Wadjemup heritage workshops Middar Dancers
Abilya has developed an entertaining and educational program involving art, music and interactive workshops which will enlighten all age groups.

Plenary – Break Out Session Address

An address can be created and delivered involving a range of topics including the arts, business, health and education using Indigenous knowledge.

In addition, Abilya can deliver a one hour or longer conference presentation designed to provide an understanding of the basics of Aboriginal culture. It is presented in an entertaining manner, designed for national and international audiences.

Cultural Activations

Cultural activations are created and managed to deliver cultural experiences to specific audiences or the general public.

Traditional Aboriginal Dance and Music

The presentations are delivered in an entertaining and humorous manner whilst incorporating educational values.

Welcome to Country Ceremonies

The presentation can range from thirty seconds to a thirty minute cultural, language and dance presentation.

Walking and Talking on Country

An introduction to the land including bushwalks and riverwalks for conferences and major events.

Aboriginal Art Workshops

The use of the principles of Aboriginal Art involving interactive participation to gain knowledge of:

  • The philosophy and understanding of Aboriginal artifacts
  • Art therapy

RAP Plans

  • Audit based on the concept of external advice to support the internal process
  • Monitor progress of the RAP plan against the KPI’s
  • Provide strategies to improve performance where needed

Dreaming and Creative Thinking

An experience using sound therapy which provides access to the creative spirit and helps achieve balance.

Aboriginal Employment Strategies

Workshops for recruitment and retention

How do we do it?

  • We gain an understanding of the organisation and its values.
  • We gain an understanding of the outcomes you require.
  • We then co-design a program which addresses those objectives.
  • We measure the effectiveness of the program and provide you with an outcome report.

Corporate Experience

Abilya has provided cultural awareness presentations to over 5,000 staff, FIFO workers and contractors for clients including BHP Billiton, HWE, the Department of Health, the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority and University of Western Australia.

Our measured feedback demonstrates a 90% audience satisfaction factor.