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Interview with Author, Alton Walley

Interview with Author, Alton Walley

Anton Walley at Chunyart launchAn Audio Interview with Alton Walley

The Chunyart is Anton’s traditional totem animal. Chunyart’s are more commonly known in WA as the Twenty-eight Parrot.

The book was inspired by training work Alton did at King’s Park for the WA Tourism Commission. They created a trail / walk for the park. One walk is 4-5kms and the pamphlets for the walk are still available. The story Alton wrote is as a result of his work and some of the graphics and plants you can find on that walk. His father Richard Walley did some of the artwork.



huchunyart and the cheeky parrot

Alton adds a little more about Nyoongar language background and dialects in WA


The book can be purchased at the King’s park store or you can buy it online here.

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