Ajinda – A New Approach

Ajinda – A New Approach

The word jinda means ‘star’ in the language of the Nyoongar people of the South West of Western Australia.

Ajinda is a 100% Aboriginal owned company launching a fresh new range of personal care products. Wescorp are excited to work in conjunction with Ajinda to establish their brand and assist in the marketing and sales of Ajinda products.
With the success of Wescorp’s manufacturer/wholesale company New Mountain Merchants, Ajinda can utilise the expertise and experience that New Mountain Merchants can offer from over 16 years of supplying retail stores with New Mountain Sandalwood products nationally and internationally.



Ajinda is owned by Dr Richard Walley and Robyn Smith-Walley. Richard and Wescorp Chairman, Tim Coakley have been friends for many years and have for a long time hoped to find an opportunity to bring the Walley and Wescorp families to work together.

Tim’s Daughter Fleur Coakley with Wescorp research scientist, Dr Dhanushka (Danny) Hettiarachchi and New Mountain Merchants staff will work together with Richard and Robyn to assist in the successful launch and production of the Ajinda brand.


Dr Richard Walley shares the passion of Sandalwood with Wescorp, passing on the Aboriginal cultural knowledge and value of Sandalwood with the Wescorp family. Aboriginal culture has been a great inspiration particularly with the Research and Development project on the Sandalwood Seed Oil. The Sandalwood Seed as part of the Sandalwood tree, is a gift of nature that continues to provide significant source of healing and wellbeing through its many uses.


Sandalwood Seed Oil


Inspired by Aboriginal traditional medicine and wellbeing, Wescorp has developed a natural way to use the elixir of the Sandalwood Seed Oil. With science confirming what the Aboriginal people have always known, Ajinda combine’s the traditional uses of the Sandalwood Seed with modern convenience and application through personal care.

Ajinda products are a new approach to a traditional source, using Sandalwood Seed Oil in the Ajinda personal care products anyone can benefit from the healing and wellbeing of the Sandalwood Seed. The Ajinda team have taken great care to develop products that are luxurious, sustainable and high quality.


If you would like to know more about Ajinda and the products available please contact Robyn Smith-Walley by email at


For order enquiries regarding wellness packs, corporate gifts and bulk industrial orders please contact Fleur Coakley by email at


To discuss your hospitality and tourism supplies please email Robyn Smith-Walley by email at


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